Empowering people of all abilities to achieve all they can!

A place where individuals with disabilities can thrive and participate fully in our local communities. Whether you’re a client, an employer, a volunteer or a donor… there’s a place for you here!

NEW Virtual RCO!

RCO’s virtual classes allow individuals to participate in new learning and new ways of being with us and your peers. In the long term this does not replace being with each other in person, but it is a meaningful extension of your time with us.
We are very excited to have your loved one join us!
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Our Services

Life Enrichment

From developing social skills and relationships to exploring theatre, music, and arts programs… deep, enriched lives start here.


Everyone deserves the opportunity to contribute. Our employment services provide an outlet for this, and a safe space for exploring new options.

Client Transportation

One of the greatest obstacles for our clients is transportation. With that in mind, we provide our clients with the transportation they need to thrive.


The Laundry Room

With convenient drop-off and pick-up at RCO in Luverne, and the option for home or job site pick-up and delivery, this unique community laundry service is just what you’ve been looking for…
Explore how you can get connected with Rock Country Opportunities as a client, an employer, an arts partner, or even a financial supporter – there are options for everyone!