Bringing services directly to those who need them!

RCO is excited to announce that we are now providing services virtually!
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This is a time that has caused all of us to experience increased stress and discomfort, as well as increased awareness and openness to new possibilities. The benefits of virtual learning and enrichment are that it can extend beyond the workday and give everyone more time to practice new skills. Virtual services provide a way to extend connections and creative ways to share life with each other in the natural settings of our homes and neighborhoods.

How will this work?

We will send out a weekly schedule of sessions in advance, so you will know what is being offered. (We are offering enrichment activities crafts, music, health and physical wellness, socializing, games, etc.), as well as employment and independent living skills (cooking simple meals, how to dress for a job interview, what is appropriate behavior at the workplace, etc.).

Have something specific you are looking for?

Though a schedule is set up, it is done so with input from you and your loved ones. We want to know what kinds of things you are interested in participating in!

If you are worried about any possible barriers, please let us know!

We have a laptop lending library to ensure that lack of technology will not prevent anyone who is interested in participating from doing so. If a specific art or craft is scheduled, RCO can deliver supplies if you do not have them!

We are so looking forward to joining you in new learning and new ways of being with us and your peers.  This does not replace being with each other in person, but it is a meaningful extension of your time with us.  We are very excited to have your loved one join us!

Contact us if your loved one is interested in receiving services remotely!

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