Employment, life enrichment, and transportation.

Services tailored to the needs and desires of each unique individual.

Employment Program

At RCO, we provide training and job coaching to our clients and contract with local employers who provide paid jobs from part-time to full days. Our Employment Program helps promote business growth, new jobs, and community support for those with developmental disabilities. On-the-job training and support is provided by an RCO Job Coach to ensure performance and long term job retention.

We open doors for individuals with disabilities to:

  • Enjoy competitive integrated employment
  • Get prepared for job interviews, filling out job applications, and new employee orientation
  • Secure employment with local businesses
  • Work for minimum wage, entry-level wage, or higher
  • Create relationships with coworkers and customers

We also offer Prevocational Services designed to prepare persons for paid employment. Prevocational services teach general work skills and concepts rather than specific work skills for a particular job. Activities included with this service teach the skills necessary for a person to gain greater independence. It teaches skills like:

  • Attendance
  • Attention span
  • Motor skills
  • Problem-solving
  • Safety
  • Task completion

For more information on our Employment Program, please contact us today.

Life Enrichment

Engaging and supportive, our Life Enrichment opportunities allow for individual and group exploration, remotely or at a community site. Daily activities designed and tailored to each individual with the goal of making each day meaningful and productive. Clients participate in functional skill development, learning through experiences, and community inclusion. We are focused on providing flexibility, balance and variety, choice, and person-centered
supports and outcomes.

RCO Life Enrichment supports individuals as they:

  • Share in community life
  • Develop deep social relationships
  • Flourish and grow in their independence
  • Develop and advance their functional skills
  • Explore community employment options
  • Communicate artistically

For more information on our Life Enrichment offerings, please contact us today.

RCO staff and management go far beyond what I have experienced in other consumer vocational training programs. They involve my husband and me in even the smallest areas of concern – but, more importantly, they involve Kristi. They speak TO her and not AT or AROUND her, and her viewpoints truly matter. RCO staff work hard to truly understand all clients (not just verbally but emotionally as well). Thanks to all of you!

-Lynne M., mother/guardian of RCO client

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