Our Covid Pandemic Response and Action Plan
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Advocate and support members in providing meaningful services to persons with disabilities and communities served.

ARRM is a nonprofit association of more than 200 providers, businesses and advocates dedicated to leading the advancement of home and community-based services supporting people living with disabilities in their pursuit of meaningful lives. Founded in 1970, ARRM continues to lead advocacy and training for positive industry reforms that support Minnesotans with disabilities. We educate, train and connect our members; support quality services and programs; reform licensing and standards; develop industry research; advocate for and enact legislative remedies; and promote awareness of disability services.

The American Network of Community Options and Resources (ANCOR) is a national, nonprofit trade association representing more than 1,600 private community providers of services to people with disabilities. Combined, we support over one million individuals with disabilities.

Rock County Community Transit
The Community Transit of Rock County provides safe and reliable transportation services to all Rock County residents. It provides transportation for people of all ages to and from almost any location in Luverne, Rock County, or out of the county (including Sioux Falls.)

DEED/Voc Rehab
Minnesota Employment and Economic Development  Vocational Rehabilitation Services unit can help you prepare for, find and keep a job, and live as independently as possible.

Southwestern Center for Independent Living – Serving people with disabilities in Southwestern Minnesota.

Rock-Pipestone CTIC

Download CTIC-Resource-Packet.pdf
Community Transition Inter-Agency Committee.

DHS – Covid page
Some changes to public services programs are necessary to protect you and your caseworkers during the pandemic and to provide for a greater number of people. Read about the changes.

DHS Disabilities
Minnesotans with disabilities bring a tremendous amount to their communities. The Minnesota Department of Human Services strives to help people live as independently as possible so they can continue to be a part of the communities in which they live.