Helping individuals reach their dreams!

Our new checklists will help people achieve their personal goals, one step at a time.

We are introducing a new program for our clients to utilize, Life and Employment Skills checklists! Coordinators will begin introducing these tools with individuals to use with their teams as a guide to help choose which skills they want to focus on during their time at RCO. Individuals can check off skills they have already mastered or don’t want to focus on. Then together, the individual with the support of their team, can decide which skills they want to focus on and in what order. Each skill will have a goal or outcome associated with it that RCO staff members will help each individual achieve. Once a skill is mastered, check that one off the list and move on to the next! Each individual will have a unique end goal based on his/her dreams. The skills each person chooses to work on will help him/her achieve their end goal. We are excited to start using these tools and help the people we serve achieve their dreams!

These checklists will be a powerful and rewarding tool to empower our clients to set and reach the goals they want!

Life Enrichment Skills

Engaging and supportive, our Life Enrichment
opportunities allow for individual and group
exploration, remotely or at a community site.
RCO supports individuals as they learn:

Life Skills Checklist

Employment Skills

We offer Prevocational Services designed
to prepare persons for paid employment.
Activities included with this service teach
the skills necessary for a person to gain
greater independence. It teaches skills like:

Employment Skills Checklist

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