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At RCO, our staff is committed to empowering people of all abilities to achieve all they can in the community, workplace, and in life, so they can achieve their dreams.

Rock County Opportunities does more than just create opportunities for the clients we serve. Every day, our staff has the unique opportunity to impact the lives of others in a meaningful way. If you’ve been looking for a way to use your time and energy in a way that will truly impact your community, RCO is the place for you. You’ll discover a place where you’ll not only be part of a passionate team, but you’ll also be part of transforming the lives of individuals with disabilities.

If you’re interested in joining our team, please contact us today to inquire about open positions and opportunities.

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RCO staff and management go far beyond what I have experienced in other consumer vocational training programs. They involve my husband and me in even the smallest areas of concern – but, more importantly, they involve Kristi. They speak TO her and not AT or AROUND her, and her viewpoints truly matter. RCO staff work hard to truly understand all clients (not just verbally but emotionally as well). Thanks to all of you!
-Lynne M., mother/guardian of RCO client
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